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Month: February 2018

I’m ready to play!

Planning this year’s garden is such an adventure – oh, how I love this “work”!

That time of year again…

Bluebirds seek shelter from the rain

Mercy for dogs. Dogs have rights too…

Mercy for dogs. Dogs have rights, too. Gentiles were called “dogs” by the Jews; not to be offensive but meant anyone outside of the covenant rights of Israel. Jesus spoke to everyone, using the common language of the people, as read in verse 26 . She replied, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs (puppies) eat of… Read More ›

Love sees with the heart

Love sees with the heart

Sew Biz inspiration…

New fat quarter purchase for under $3.  Oh, what to make now? Happy, happy, happy.  This fabric reminds me of harvest time; sunshine, canning tomatoes, making blackberry, raspberry and blueberry jams and green mint jelly.  Reminds me of the old-fashioned, fruit flavored, hard candies that you used to find at Christmas time.  These colors mesh… Read More ›

Baked acorn squash…

Preheat oven to 350.  Wash squash.  Cut in half.  Spoon out seeds.  Invert onto cookie sheet.  Bake for 50 minutes.  Remove with fork or spatula and place in bowl. Add butter and brown sugar.  Enjoy!

Gypsy A.K.A. Donk-Donk…

Stepped outside, bounded down the steps, and heard the sound of a donkey braying somewhere nearby.  Immediately reminded of home and this sweet & gentle creature I used to fondly brush and help care for.  This old gal loved sliced apples, candy canes, carrots and peppermints!

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