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God reminds us of His presence…

golden-eagle-1679166_1920 (2)

Almost a week has passed since God blessed me with an eagle “hug” (273 days since I moved), reassurance of His continual love and presence in my life just barely two days before my 51st birthday.

So much has changed in my life these past 9 months.  Moving from “our” home on the North side of Potts Mountain, in Paint Bank, VA, to the city of Radford, with my daughter.  It has not been easy.  Missed harvest and canning season, working on the farm as a help-mate, gathering firewood, helping seed the fields’, mending fence, tending the cattle, brushing Donk-Donk’s fur and mane, hanging clothes on the line, hunting and walking the trails.  This time of year, we would be huntin’ merkel’s (or morel mushrooms), planning the garden in preparation for plantin’, and fishin’.  Callie Girl lost her fight for life and even Dixie Bella is homesick.

Sitting on the front porch last Sunday morning, cup of coffee in hand, watching Dixie walk around the small yard, I looked above all the many colored roofs towards the New River, almost a mile away.  My eyes focused on a large bird above where I knew the river to be.  It seemed to know that it had my attention and changed it’s course of direction getting larger as it flew closer and closer.

The biggest bird I have ever seen, just kept getting bigger the closer it flew towards me. I was in awe. As it got above Third Street, he quickly descended and above the alley way his tail feather’s fanned out and turned sharply down as it flew even lower; right above the power line, at the corner of Heather’s property.  Looking down at me with eyes that glittered, back arched, shoulders hunched, he looked right at me with furrowed brow above his bold burnished beak and quietly soared to the right of me, just over Heather’s roof. The biggest, and oldest, Golden Eagle I have ever seen!  His seven foot + wingspread and deep brown, burnished, feathers attested to his age and somehow, within myself, I had an awareness, and knowledge, of his many battles fought and overcome.  Praise God!

Every day, God has little surprise’s just for me, reminding me that He is in control and directing my steps.  I see these little reminders, or hugs from Him, when I choose to open my spiritual eyes to see, and my ears to hear, what He has for me. It doesn’t matter if we are on a mountaintop, the side of a mountain, in the middle of acres and acres of trees, fields, or in the middle of a city, God knows where you are and where to find you!

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, the person of Christ lives within you and God’s Holy Spirit is ever present.  God is no respecter of persons’, He will do the same for YOU!!  God chose you, knew you, before the foundation of this world, before He even created you in your mother’s womb.  He desires a close walk with you; fellowship and relationship.  How does He remind you of His presence?


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