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Month: August 2018

From: Baked acorn squash To: God’s bountiful Blessing

via Baked acorn squash… Out of one meal in February, God blessed us with 8 acorn squash from seeds tossed into the cold snow in drainage ditch.  Of course, Dixie Bella had to help and guard her precious find.

Coon hunter’s…are you ready?

A long-time family tradition for many folks where the coonhounds are turned loose, trailing and putting the coon up a tree without human assistance. These quality bred dogs can find, and follow, that coon scent; sometimes, following that scent through water. Competition hunts demonstrate the speed and skill of the dog “treeing” the coon; which… Read More ›

Radford Florist…

The roses keep blooming and blooming – a well spent “treat”!

Bison Farmer’s…

Under $10, this record book is farmer friendly and designed for field use. Intended for ease of documenting farm income, expense, bison, grass, hay and pasture records for the modern day farm. Assisting the farmer with a detailed annual documentation consisting of enough space to record up to 52 cows, multiple bulls, and 10 grass,… Read More ›

Hey, Hay Farmer’s…

In the past, old-timer’s relied on visual inspection of the colors, the varying shades of green, or brown, in the fields themselves to determine the need for fertilization. They also visually inspected the growing grasses, and developing seed heads, to determine the times to cut, or mow, the grasses in the hay fields. This record… Read More ›

Fishin’ Time of Year…

  Keep track of valuable “trophy” fishing experiences. High quality; sturdy gloss cover; slim and convenient, easy to pocket, fully lined journal or log book. Fits readily into tackle box or fishing vest. Specify area fished, weather conditions, location fish harvested and general fishing notes. “Fish Tales”  “Trophy Fish”    

Life’s Journey…

Journal, beach themed notebook or diary; 200 pages; fully lined, heavy weight, wide ruled white pages. Section for sketches, drawings, or photographs. An individual, practical approach to recording one’s life journey for under $9.  

Flip-flop book ease…

for consistency and firearms trace of firearms acquired and disposed of for under $10.  


Writing down dreams increases dream recall. An easy way to reference those moments of “déjà vu”; the phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been seen, or visited before, and being “replayed”. It is important to record dreams immediately upon waking as details can be quickly forgotten. A recurring… Read More ›

Momma Bear would say,

“Momma Bear would say, “Haden, if you do what is right, then you will never go wrong.”

Good Morning Sun Shine…

In the great open space There was green grass And a chicken Or two And a white pickup truck And a red subaru.

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