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Coon hunter’s…are you ready?

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A long-time family tradition for many folks where the coonhounds are turned loose, trailing and putting the coon up a tree without human assistance. These quality bred dogs can find, and follow, that coon scent; sometimes, following that scent through water. Competition hunts demonstrate the speed and skill of the dog “treeing” the coon; which is “treed” and then released. Track and record valuable coon hunting experience in this durable, high-quality, seasonal log book. Easy and convenient fill-in-the blank and check box entries. Fits perfectly between most seats and center consoles in hunting vehicle. Book spine has space to write “year” and “area hunted” for the most avid hunters to keep those favorite memories. Β Β

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  1. One of my favorite books was Where the Red Fern Grows. It’s about two hunting dogs and the boy that owned them. Have you read it?


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