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I remember when…

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Life was easier.  Men were men, and women were women.  Young ladies were groomed to be faithful wives and good mothers while young men were groomed for responsibility, career, and the importance of honoring their word.

Oh, the hours spent learning the finer things in life.  My maternal Grandmother teaching me how to cook, bake, sew, cross-stitch, embroider, crochet, and knit. How to be lady like and genteel, embracing womanhood.  How to sit like a lady, how to dress, how to set a table, how to comfort, how to love, and how to show compassion freely.

Oh, the hours spent with my maternal Grandfather, listening to him expound upon his time in college, his courtship of my Grandmother, his diverse professional background, his many trips to Japan and other countries, and the importance of learning other languages.  He shared his opinion of how a wife should be present, seen, a visual representation of the man she married during social gatherings and this, in turn, elevated the man’s social standing among his peers. He felt strongly that women should have a good understanding of business, and financial affairs; that it gave them an edge in a “man’s world” – I’m thankful for that gentle push of knowledge.

Oh, the hours spent excelling in school, making honor roll, learning other languages with the goal to become a fine wife to some “fine” man, one day.  I held my head up high, I knew my value and my worth!

Oh, how times have changed; gender neutral? Confusing times to live in!




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