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Our choices complete the puzzle…

cat sleeping

***Update*** The pampered little princess is still at the vets. They are calling her “Chicken” since she was found in the road. She is doing much better and should be on the way to her new home soon!


Text from my daughter this morning…”I left work early yesterday with a sinus cold. I’ll be on the couch for the next two days.” Was her answer about meeting up and working out together.

This prompted a phone call…”What are you taking? Drink plenty of fluids and chicken soup or broth.  Need me to bring you anything?” Quickly she replied, “No, I just need sleep and rest.”

This afternoon, at ten after four, I get another text…”I need you to stop by after work.  I found a cat lying in the road waiting to die; looks like Callie.  Has green snot and cloudy eyes. No vets have any openings tomorrow and I can’t keep it anyways.  I need you to come look at it.”

Of course, this prompted yet another phone call. She is rarely sick, and she NEVER slows down, so I knew this morning that she intended to do exactly as she planned and stay on the couch!

She explained, she had felt better, the sun was shining and she wanted to walk Snoopy.  Just a little leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.  When she came across this tiny figure of a cat, laying stretched out,  in the middle of the road.  Oh, no, she thought as she got closer to it.  It wasn’t moving.  Such a tiny little body, short-haired, calico cat.  She nudged it gently with her foot, while Snoopy sniffed the little critter.  It purred and lifted it’s tiny head off the pavement.  Most cats would have run from a dog sniffing at it; but, Snoopy didn’t bother her as she was so weak.

Heather had a choice.  She picked it up to move it out of the road and was startled that it barely weighed anything.  She thought, Mom knows what to do!  She remembered Valentine, that tom cat had been so scrawny; cross-eyed from starvation.  Just another drop off, at the way-side, on the south-side of Potts Mountain; near the Potts Mountain Shooting Slope.  The vet didn’t have any hope and suggested, it came out of the woods to die on the side of 311; one last attempt to reach out to humans for help was what the vet said. The vet had us quarantine it for 90 days to be sure it didn’t have rabies. Hand fed until he was strong enough to eat wet cat food out of the can.  He had become our Porch Kitty.  Such a smart cat, he knocked on the screen door to come in. He even taught our older cats how to do the same.  He lived with us for 12 years.

Then she thought of Hickory, that young feral tom cat, that had watched Mom for a week while she sat on the porch swing, every morning and evening, singing. One morning, while he heard Mom singing, he started squalling for attention and crawled across the yard on its belly from underneath the tractor shed door.  It sounded dreadful!  So dreadful that Mom had run into the kitchen for the pistol thinking it had been hit by a car or had distemper.  No, it was fine, just a wild thing looking to be tamed.

As she held the tiny, half starved body to her bosom, she thought of Callie, and then me.  This little cat looked so much like Callie.  Callie, and her kitten, Cotton Ball, were both rescues from the Salem Animal Shelter, in 1998.  She knew how hard it was for me to put Callie to sleep last year, and how hard it has been for Dixie Bella not having Callie’s companionship.

I tried to explain to Heather that she needed to be more cautious, more careful, and she just scoffed at me!  “Mom, you’re a fine one to talk.  You never thought of yourself.” She snorted, and continued, “Mom, just get over here.  We have too many and Sean won’t want to keep it.  Besides, it looks like Callie; and you could use another.” Of course, they couldn’t keep it with two children, a dog, four cats and six neighborhood cats they took care of.

I had a choice.  Locking the office up, grabbing the cell phone, I called my local vet. In the car, headed to see this sick critter, and child of mine, I waited for the vets office to determine a time I could bring the cat; no available appointments today. However, the receptionist at West End Animal Clinic had a choice…she went over and above!  Explaining the situation to the vet technician, she got on the phone and asked would I want to go ahead and leave the cat overnight for a lodging fee. She explained the fee for all the services could be as much as $177 for all tests, antibiotics, lodging, etc. What did I want to do? Again, I had a choice…

It was like watching God at work; these situations, and circumstances, opened to reveal another aspect; another choice having to be made.  Imagine angels passing the “baton” from one person to another.  Or, each choice represented as a piece of a puzzle, and the pieces were falling into place, for this little cat; Princess.  The vet technician asked me again, over the phone, “Yes, we must help this creature.” I said.

Walking up the sidewalk, I saw the puny, little cat on the porch, walking in circles; meowing.  It couldn’t see me, but heard me, and seemed to know I wanted to help and started purring.  Cardboard carrier, soft towel, cat gently settled and box sealed; off to the vet we go.

Custom, deluxe service!  Still amazing how God orchestrated it all!!  Started filling out the paperwork, and the receptionist took the cat into the back.  She quickly came back, and said the vet determined the cat was very young, upper respiratory infection, and totally blind.  Did I want to euthanize? Choice…No!  And then, sitting there, contemplating caring for a blind cat, another miracle happened…

The vet came into the waiting room and explained the same thing that the receptionist had relayed, except, she said continuing, “We happen to have a representative from the Montgomery Humane Society here; right now.  This doesn’t happen.  They have heard and feel they can provide a good home for this cat.  Would you sign her over to us?”

Final choice…Yes!!!

In a span of less than two hours, a sick little cat, laying in the middle of a road waiting to die, becomes a pampered Princess that will live life to its fullest! Possibly, Princess, is part of God’s plan to bless hurting people as a therapy cat. God is good, God is full of grace and mercy.  God uses those that allow themselves to be used by Him, for His good will and for His glory – Praise God!






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  1. Absolutely amazing and wonderful-what a beautiful story ! Should be published in a book 🌷

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