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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit…

Little Miss Lily has a birthday!  She really liked the Llama cake (see below) that we made for Ella for her birthday, and she wanted something made special for her, too!!!  Proverbs 31 as modern day women…


So, with all the careful instructions Lily imparted (she wanted a girl Rabbit cake), Heather gathered all her tools and headed over to see me.  With Ella and Lily with their other grandmother, we dove right into mother-daughter creating time 🙂

She brought breakfast which was indulged in rapidly, and we started making four cakes; two at a time.   While the fondant queen, Heather, kneaded and rolled the fondant, I was happy and content with frosting and stacking each layer; one at a time.  Finishing up about the same time, I smoothed and leveled the frosting before Heather carefully rolled the fondant onto the rolling pin and unrolled onto the cake.


The fondant queen smoothed out the fondant while I turned the cake plate several times until everything was smooth and ready for decorating.  While she cleaned up, I trimmed the fondant around the base of the cake and then we started on the nose and mouth.  Heather kneaded and shaped the fondant, passing each piece to me to finalize and adhere to the cake base.

Everything Lily requested was carefully adhered to: white bunny, black squinty eyes, pink nose, pink pads on feet, pink in ears with one curled or droopy ear 🙂  and purple flowers.  All done!


Lily LOVES her cake and is looking forward to her birthday party tomorrow.  So much JOY to see how happy she was that we made a cake special for her 🙂

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  1. You guys did an amazing job on Lillys birthday cake! What a special thing to do for her, you guys are awesome. Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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  2. Love this-Happy Birthday Lily-your description was awesome 😎

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