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A Mother’s Day Blessing for YOU


Dear Mother, Mother-To-Be, Woman of God, Child of the Living God, joint heir with Jesus,

May you be a bearer of Life, Truth and Peace.  May you yield yourself to God as a holy vessel, an instrument of His glory, to do His expressed will and pleasure in this earth.   May your soul glorify The Lord and your spirit rejoice in God.  May you be a handmaid of The Lord bearing fruit to the glory of God.  May everything you lay your hand to prosper and succeed.  May your head be crowned with God’s glory, grace and honor.  May God’s favor surround you as a shield.  May you be clothed with honor, strength and dignity.  May you be able to work in your home, tending home, hearth and family, and yield increase.  May you laugh without fear of your future.  May you be careful, watchful and gracious.  May The Lord hide you from your enemies in the cleft of the rock, under the shelter of His wings may you find refuge; tucked safely into the crook of His arm and lovingly tucked against the body of your Savior.  May God give His angels charge over you, keeping you in all your ways.  May God set a watch over your mouth; guarding your heart and mind through Jesus.   May your words be wise, respectful, full of gentle instruction.  May your words be kind, soothing, compassionate and caring.  May your words be full of mercy and oozing with the healing oil of God’s Word; thick as honey, reaching into every crevice of those you love, a healing balm, the royal jelly as food for your loved ones souls (mind, will and emotions). May your husband honor you, and hold you with esteem above all other women, and see your value as his equal, as Jesus does; and may he treat you with high regard.  May your husband speak to you with gentleness, thoughtfulness and caring.  May your husband take delight, and glory,  in your body and worship it as the temple of the Holy Spirit; cherishing you as the handmade gift from God you are, flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone.  May your husband take delight in your pleasure, seeking to draw his pleasure and joy from yours. May you delight in your husband, seeking to please him, pleasure him, nurture him as the help-mate you were created to be.  May your husband praise your virtue and capabilities to your children, your combined family, your community; the world.  May your children be many;  natural offspring, fostered or adopted.  May you have many spiritual offspring; sons and daughters you have led into the Kingdom of God.  May your children stand up and bless you; praising you enthusiastically for all your many virtues, accomplishments and capabilities.  May you instruct younger women to do the same; instructing them gently to love their husbands, to live wisely and to be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and offering themselves to their husbands, as their leaders, who yield to the wise counsel of their wives; husbands, as “heads of their homes”.  May you have the faith to believe and “receive” God’s affection, His genuine favor; accept His gifts of preferential treatment, supernatural increase, prominence, The BLESSING and JOY! – In Jesus’ mighty name; Amen.

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  1. Beautiful Words on this Beautiful Day- as always, you are so brilliant in your detail and you are able to capture so many moods, thoughts, character and values with your words…..Thank you for making this world brighter and happier and smarter……keep up the good work !


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